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Unravel's story

We started on this journey because we have only 8 years left to decelerate the impacts of climate change. But less than 10,000 companies of 400M companies globally are measuring their carbon emissions.

Unravel enables enterprises to decarbonize themselves and their large ecosystems of SMEs, with speed and scale.

Our mission

To accelerate the participation of all companies, big and small, in the global fight against climate change. And we want to do it the 21st century way—autonomous, painless, and beautiful.

Unravel enables companies to decarbonize with cutting edge technology

by tracking their digital financial footprint with its proprietary carbon emission factor model; making it easy, fast and convenient to become climate positive.

Our Team

Unravel Carbon consists of a team of software engineers, data scientists, founders and climate experts with a passion to solve the world’s most pressing issue—climate change.

Founding Team

We are technologists, climate experts & serial founders who have achieved much, and yet not enough. Marc has been the region’s climate expert, Simon had developed complex AI models for financial institutions and Grace brings it all together. We are dedicating ourselves to Unravel to work with you to decelerate climate change. 

We are backed by

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Southeast Asia’s best funds, founders and angels

Previous & present senior executives from:
Airbnb, Google, Temasek, Goldman Sachs, Facebook Carousell, Syfe, Shopback and others

We are expanding our Team

Check out our current open positions!

Carbon Data Analyst, Singapore
Data Engineer/Software Developer, Singapore
Carbon Data Intern, Singapore
Senior Data Engineer/Software Developer, Singapore