Decarbonization - Automated, Fast, Painless.

Enterprise software for companies to track and reduce their carbon emissions, specialising in Asia’s businesses and supply chains.

Some of the leading brands using our platform to reach Net Zero

The first AI-powered decarbonization platform in Asia

Converting any company’s accounting data into full supply chain carbon data in seconds



Our software converts your company’s accounting data into full supply chain carbon data in seconds, not months.



Our platform generates climate solutions automatically to help to get you to Net Zero, and our Climate Expert team accompanies you throughout the entire journey.



Streamline your reporting process by using the Unravel Carbon platform to automatically generate reports for internal and external stakeholders. Dashboard content and dynamic commentary can be exported to report formats that can easily be incorporated into your sustainability report. We have also pre-populated templates that can be used as part of CDP reporting, GRI-305 compliant reporting and your TCFD disclosure. The tracking of decarbonization pathways also contributes to external disclosure of progress to science-based targets.

Our mission

To accelerate the participation of all companies, big and small, in the global fight against climate change. And we want to do it in the 21st-century way - automated, fast and painless.

Decision making insights

Instantly gain actionable insights

Our platform provides you with the data that you need to make informed decisions about your emissions and plans to decarbonize. See timely data on

  • Total carbon footprint
  • Comparison to your peers
  • Month-to-month progress
  • Decarbonization funnel across time
  • Emissions breakdown by scope
  • Spend category
  • Supplier, item, facility, geography and more

Our approach aligns with

the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1 for measurement of GHG emissions along the entire value chain and we provide full traceability of data and information flows to support external assurance of GHG inventories. Decarbonization pathways are consistent with the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s Net Zero Standard and our data can be used to support certification processes under PAS 2060 – the Carbon Neutrality Standard.

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