Decarbonization: Automated, Actionable, Auditable

Unravel Carbon is an AI-powered decarbonization platform that helps organizations measure, reduce, and report their carbon emissions.

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Trusted by companies leading the way in sustainability

Spend less time measuring.
Spend more time decarbonizing.

Current Process
With unravel Carbon
Decarbonizing 90%
Measuring 10%
90% measurement 10% decarbonization

What sustainability leaders are saying about us

Unravel Carbon’s platform has proven to be an invaluable addition to our toolkit, empowering us to navigate the path towards greater sustainability with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Partnering with Unravel Carbon means we can decarbonize our operations, menus, and even our branches to get to net zero. It was an easy decision on our part.

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Unravel Carbon is the starting point for all our sustainable design and build projects. There’s a surety in the numbers, which is important for us and our clients.

They are talking about us

Unravel Carbon not only talks the talk when it comes to sustainability, but it walks the walk.

Ready to start decarbonizing?