March 7, 2024

Introducing Our New Benchmarking Feature

With benchmarking reports, companies can easily see where they stand against their peers in terms of emissions performance. Also, support from our sustainability consultants ensures that our detailed recommendations leverage both AI-powered insights and human expertise.

Unravel Carbon Team
Introducing Our New Benchmarking Feature

We are thrilled to share the newest addition to our platform, which is designed to help our customers with comparative analysis.

Our benchmarking feature enables you to gauge your emissions performance relative to peers, while also offering tailored recommendations from our sustainability consultants to help improve performance and position your company as a sustainability leader.

Typically, customers find benchmarking particularly valuable post-emissions measurement, as it adds context to their emissions data and aids with both goal-setting and strategy formulation.

Here are three key benefits of our benchmarking feature, and how you can use them to progress toward net zero:

Knowing where you stand

Our benchmarking feature allows you to compare your company’s emissions performance with any five peers that you’d like to select, provided that they have published emissions data.

We’re able to do this by analyzing each peer’s sustainability reports, public disclosures, and latest news to gather data related to emissions metrics and qualitative insights.

While some platforms only offer industry averages gleaned from CDP reports and general assessments, such as quartile rankings, we make a point of providing our customers with a comprehensive narrative and detailed insights into their competitors' emissions.

By having a deeper understanding of emissions performance and best practices within your industry, your team can more easily identify areas for improvement, and track progress relative to others over time.

Facilitating stakeholder communications

A second way that customers can leverage our benchmarking feature is to communicate their performance to various stakeholders.

External parties, such as financial institutions, can use these reports to evaluate how the companies they’re invested in are managing climate transition risks.

Internally, benchmarking reports can also help facilitate buy-in for sustainability initiatives by increasing awareness of their potential impact.

In addition, these types of insights can be incredibly valuable for a company’s public communications efforts as well. 

Receiving expert commentary

Our sustainability consultants play a pivotal role in crafting each benchmarking report. Our team of climate experts will work directly with you to understand your goals and curate each report based on this information.

So, in addition to granular data that’s generated by our platform, customers can access personalized insights and recommendations from their assigned consultant as well. These insights can be tailored to your specific goals, maximizing the value of each report.

.   .   .   .   .

The primary value of our benchmarking feature lies in providing a detailed overview of performance relative to peers—coupled with expert commentary—and doing so within the same platform that you’re already using to measure, track, report and reduce emissions.

Ultimately, this holistic approach will save your team significant time and resources, allowing you to focus more on both crafting and implementing decarbonization strategies.

Interested in learning more about our new benchmarking feature? Request a demo here.

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