March 7, 2023

Introducing Unravel Carbon’s Climate Program

Our AI-powered Climate Program marries sustainability and finance to automatically match your company with bespoke decarbonization solutions to achieve your climate goals.

Unravel Carbon Team
Introducing Unravel Carbon’s Climate Program

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Unravel Carbon’s Climate Program. This new feature will help you achieve your GHG emissions reduction targets and net-zero goals with bespoke decarbonization solutions that address your business's unique needs and challenges.

Available within Unravel Carbon’s platform, the AI-powered Climate Program suggests targeted decarbonization solutions, each containing information such as the expected impact of GHG emissions, investments required, and implementation complexity. 

You can make calculated decisions by weighing the costs and benefits of the emissions reduction initiatives. These costs and benefits inform the calculation of the abatement cost for each initiative, in dollars per tonne of GHG abated, so all of the solutions can be compared against each other using a common metric. It’s sustainability married with finance.

“The idea for the Climate Program comes from the insight that organizations increasingly want more than just carbon counting. It’s what we call the so what now—now that I have my emissions, how do I use this information to make changes?” said Marc Allen, Co-Founder at Unravel Carbon. “With the Climate Program, they can have information to support decision-making around capital expenditure, deployment of solutions, and supply chain options. We’re making decarbonization, and its associated benefits, more accessible to businesses.”

Let’s dive into some of the key aspects of Unravel Carbon’s Climate Program.

Set your long-term and interim climate goals

As with any project, it’s essential to start by setting goals. They help provide a clear direction and focus. Within the Climate Program, you can set long-term goals that span your entire company. The default long-term goal suggestion is to reach net zero by 2050, which is aligned with the latest climate science. Alternatively, you can change it based on your company’s sustainability ambitions. 

Long-term aspirational goals are best broken down into shorter-term achievable ones to ensure you stay on track. We also provide you with the ability to set more specific interim goals (e.g., supply 80% of electricity from renewable sources by 2025). With interim goals, you can steadily make your way toward reaching your long-term climate goals.

Explore and evaluate bespoke decarbonization solutions

We provide you with the ability to create your own decarbonization plan by automatically matching your company with a range of decarbonization solutions tailored to its needs. No more lengthy back and forth with consultants. All solutions are informed by the expertise of our decarbonization team. 

You can view recommended solutions tagged to each business facility, as well as review and compare solutions based on abatement cost, impact, and ease of implementation.  Add or remove solutions to your decarbonization plan based on detailed sustainability and financial information.

If you have already started implementing decarbonization initiatives in your company, our platform allows you to easily import those initiatives and add them to your decarbonization plan alongside our recommended solutions. This will enable you to track the progress of your decarbonization efforts holistically. 

Build a decarbonization pathway and track progress

With the decarbonization pathway, see where you currently stand in your decarbonization journey and visualize where you’re heading to. The forecasts are automatically adjusted based on the implementation timeline and the status of your chosen decarbonization plan. By modeling different pathway scenarios, we help you easily track and compare your progress toward your climate goals.

Develop an informed offset strategy 

The platform also highlights key insights on your progress and identifies gaps to reach your set target, which can help inform your offset strategy. By demonstrating progress with actual decarbonization, the potential for accusations of greenwashing is minimized. You can easily share those insights with your finance department, and other stakeholders to show the progress and expected outcomes of your sustainability efforts.

.   .   .   .   .

We are excited to launch Unravel Carbon’s Climate Program and for it to be available to all of our customers.  We hope to support your carbon reduction journey and help you make a real impact with speed and efficiency. It’s a big step towards our mission of accelerating the world’s progress to a zero carbon economy.

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