January 24, 2024

Introducing Unravel Carbon’s Partner Ecosystem

Functioning as a matchmaker, we align our customers' needs with the right subject matter experts. Naina Verghese, our Director of Strategy & Partnerships, talks about helping our customers transition toward net zero, and working with partners to make this journey as seamless as possible.

Naina Verghese
Introducing Unravel Carbon’s Partner Ecosystem

Through partnerships with industry leaders such as AWS, SAP, BDO Singapore, Paia Consulting, and RESET Carbon, we strive to match our clients' needs with the expertise of subject matter experts.

Our goal is to ensure that each customer has reliable access to sustainability advisors and innovative technologies, facilitating their journey toward achieving net zero.

Our motivation

As a company, one of the biggest reasons that we have a keen focus on developing meaningful partnerships is because of the urgent, collective need to expedite emission reductions. 

After receiving 120 inbound partnership requests in our first 6 months, we were prompted to take a broader look at the sustainability landscape, and explore how we could collaborate more effectively with other organizations in pursuit of global decarbonization goals.

Our approach

We began the journey of building our ecosystem by honing the following strategy: assessing customer demand at regional and local levels, identifying the best-in-class partners capable of addressing those needs, and then working closely with all parties to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Beyond business-focused criteria, we actively seek partners who are deeply committed to advancing decarbonization, and that have leadership endorsement of this joint goal.

As a company aiming to decarbonize 1 gigaton of CO2e by 2030, we’re grateful to collaborate with partners who share our dedication to accelerating progress toward net zero. 

Partner highlights

In 2023, we proudly established strategic partnerships with firms such as Paia Consulting and BDO in Singapore, RESET Carbon in Hong Kong, and Dalberg globally.

While sustainability advisors cover high-value, strategic topics like target setting and decarbonization roadmaps, our AI-powered platform is able to complement their work by facilitating efficient carbon management. In particular, our platform streamlines data collection and emissions calculations, provides glassbox transparency, and increases granularity of emissions measurements.

Moreover, our AI-powered platform adheres to the best practice pillars of our partners at Amazon Web Services: security, reliability, and operational excellence.

Additionally, we’ve forged partnerships with complementary technology players, including SAP and Nectar Climate, to provide a seamless experience when organizing unstructured data for emissions calculations.

Via our collaborations with organizations such as Climate Impact X, Patch, and TEM, we’re able to connect our customers to trusted providers for carbon credits.

Also, through our work with Intensel, our customers can access APAC’s leading climate risk platform for climate risk disclosures and strategic planning. 

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