August 17, 2023

Meet Unravel Carbon’s Improved Reporting Feature

Our improved reporting feature enables companies to make data-driven decisions by automatically generating beautiful and editable greenhouse gas emissions reports that provide actionable insights.

Unravel Carbon Team
Meet Unravel Carbon’s Improved Reporting Feature

Today, we are excited to share Unravel Carbon's improved reporting feature. ​​It retrieves the most important information from your emissions measurement and presents it in beautiful and easily editable greenhouse gas emissions reports, packed with actionable insights that empower teams to make data-driven decisions.

We sought feedback from our users about how they were using our previous reporting feature, and found that while they were able to obtain automated emissions reports with a professional look and feel, the information it provided wasn’t actionable enough.

Our users wanted a tool with insights that would empower their teams to make data-driven decisions. They also needed more flexibility, such as additional export options beyond the PDF format, for the ability to edit or create slides for presentations.

At Unravel Carbon, we care deeply about building something our customers want. To that end, our product team carefully considered all user feedback, observed the requirements and trends in sustainability reporting, and integrated insights from our sustainability team. This led to the design of a completely revamped version of our reporting feature that can meet the needs of a modern, data-driven sustainability team.

For large and complex enterprises, our reporting feature can save hours by providing a summary of the most important information. This information can be used as building blocks for internal communications or external presentations, eliminating the need to dig through several layers of data. Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses can use this feature to confidently communicate their sustainability efforts to investors, employees, and customers, without the need to hire additional consulting, design, or reporting staff.

Here is what your organization can achieve with Unravel Carbon's improved reporting feature.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights

Unravel Carbon's improved reporting feature provides more than just carbon emissions data. With easy-to-understand insights and dynamic commentary, users can gain valuable information about what they need to focus on. By incorporating data storytelling, the feature helps inform decision-making for sustainability teams. It enables companies to make data-driven decisions and communicate effectively.

Save time with automated emissions reporting

Unravel Carbon's improved Report feature automatically generates reports from real-time emissions data on the platform. This ensures that users always have the most up-to-date version. With beautifully designed reports that can be exported in PDF or PPTX format, users can save hours of effort in creating slides. They can feel confident that they are presenting accurate and visually appealing data for both internal and external purposes.

Customize your reports using familiar tools

Unravel Carbon's new reporting feature allows you to customize your reports with flexible editing options. Carbon reporting is not one-size-fits-all, but Unravel Carbon simplifies the process by retrieving the most important information from your results page and presenting it in a customizable PowerPoint format. With this feature, users can add their own voice,  brand colors, and arrange content as needed using the familiar tool of PowerPoint for easy editing and sharing.

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We are excited for our customers to use the improved reporting feature. This will help them save time, create beautiful, customized reports, and, more importantly, make data-driven decisions. We are working closely with our customers to understand their reporting needs and introduce additional features to help them navigate the rapidly-changing sustainability reporting landscape, as well as support their sustainability communications.

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