March 21, 2024

Ponte Group Chooses Unravel Carbon to Further Its Lead in F&B Sustainability

Ponte Group, which operates brands such as LeVeL33 and ERWIN’S Gastrobar, is working with Unravel Carbon to enhance its sustainability initiatives. In particular, the group is aiming to set a new standard for Scope 3 reporting within the F&B sector.

Unravel Carbon Team
Ponte Group Chooses Unravel Carbon to Further Its Lead in F&B Sustainability

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Unravel Carbon’s partnership with Ponte Group.

As a pioneer in the hospitality industry, Ponte Group has led some of the most innovative F&B projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Originally founded in 2003 as Ponte & Partners by Dr. Martin Bém, the company began as an agency for European beverage brands to APAC.

In 2010, Ponte Group was established to hold the diverse portfolio of brands that Bém and his team now operate, including LeVeL33 and ERWIN’S Gastrobar, both of which are located in the Marina Bay Financial Centre.

“We’ve chosen Unravel Carbon to assist in our GHG measurement, reduction and reporting opportunities,” said Bém, who’s also the Group’s Managing Director. “We believe their advanced platform and team of passionate sustainability consultants and data analysts will help accelerate Ponte’s decarbonization efforts.”

Members of LeVeL33 stand near a plaque featuring Unravel Carbon's "Measured" stamp.

Ponte Group already has a long-standing commitment to sustainability initiatives, and wanted to enhance these efforts even further by gaining a deeper understanding of the value chain emissions that are generated by their suppliers.

At Unravel Carbon, we’re honored to support Ponte Group in achieving these aims through our platform that automates emissions reporting, while also providing sustainability consulting for the more intricate aspects of Ponte Group’s decarbonization roadmap.

“Dr. Martin and Ponte Group are highly regarded as pioneers in the F&B sector,” said Grace Sai, Unravel Carbon’s Co-Founder and CEO. “From creating the world’s highest urban microbrewery to their sustainability efforts, Ponte truly stands out for both their business success and dedication to advancing their industry’s progress toward net zero.” 

In particular, by leveraging the capabilities of Unravel Carbon’s platform, we’re able to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that not only shines light on an emissions profile down to the ingredient level, but that also generates tailored reports for Ponte Group’s corporate clientele.

Within Unravel Carbon’s platform, Ponte Group is able to visualize their emissions and unlock granular insights.

Faizal Wahab, who’s Ponte Group’s Sustainability Manager, shared some of the specific features that made Unravel Carbon stand out from the other options that he and his team were considering.

“From the ease of data inputs to the visualization that generates powerful insights to their 1-click reporting feature, it has everything we need,” he said. “As a result, we’re really looking forward to begin using the platform.”

Working together, Unravel Carbon is excited to bolster Ponte Group’s sustainability efforts, while also striving to set a new standard for Scope 3 reporting within the F&B sector as a whole.

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