April 25, 2024

Introducing Our New Data Workflow Solutions

With the latest additions to our platform, customers can bring greater clarity and accountability to their emissions measurement journey. These solutions are designed to help you in areas such as identifying data needed to complete your emissions inventory, project management, and progress tracking.

Unravel Carbon Team
Introducing Our New Data Workflow Solutions

We are excited to share our platform’s latest solutions, which simplify the process of collecting and uploading emissions data into Unravel Carbon.

For context, one of the biggest problems that companies face when addressing climate risk is collecting the right data. 

It’s something we’ve observed with our customers as well, and the key reason that we decided to undertake this project.

Now, through our prioritization, project management, and progress tracking solutions, we’re able to offer you major improvements throughout your entire emissions measurement workflow.

These new functionalities enable you to coordinate data collection across your company and manage uploading more easily, while also ensuring that your emissions inventory is correct, complete and audit-ready.

Here are the key benefits of our latest solutions, and how they help you achieve your decarbonization goals more efficiently:

Knowing what to measure

At Unravel Carbon, one of the first things that we work with customers on is their emissions materiality assessment.

This assessment determines the emissions sources that will be included in your greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, and takes into account factors such as your business goals, industry, operational control, and the types of facilities you manage.

We now have an in-platform Materiality Assessment feature, which makes it easier to learn more about each emissions source that’s material to your company, understand why these sources were deemed material, and where you might be able to find the relevant data within your organization.

You can access your assessment at any time, view details about each category and also see the complexity of measuring it, so that you can plan your resources accordingly.  

Simplifying project management

Once your materiality assessment is complete, the next step is collecting and uploading your emissions data.

To streamline this process, we built our Upload Plan feature, which allows you to prioritize tasks, make exclusions, and set data owners/approvers directly within Unravel Carbon.

For data owners, you can easily prepare, review and edit data. You can also see who’ll be reviewing your work, and either prioritize or deprioritize assignments based on their due date.

In addition, we’ve improved the upload flow by grouping together tasks based on data type, which makes it easier to locate requests for information. Also, to enhance visibility over what’s been uploaded, we’ve included a data input summary as well.

For approvers, you can review and approve new emissions data in a single, streamlined workflow that’s customized to show what’s relevant to you, and which cuts out the noise from long email chains.

As an approver, you can also see a summary of the file you’ve been sent, who uploaded it and when. This helps you identify potential errors, and allows you to reject a request or add remarks.

Tracking your progress

With the ability to track progress, you can more effectively gauge the status of your data collection and inputting.

Specifically, in terms of task management, you can see a list of actions that need to be taken, assign tasks, track completeness, set deadlines, and send notifications to team members.

Project leaders can monitor each team member’s progress in regards to completing their assigned tasks, adjust requirements, and communicate directly with stakeholders until the process of establishing your emissions baseline is finished.

.   .   .   .   .

Measurement is often thought of as the first step in a company’s sustainability journey, but there’s actually a major challenge that precedes it: gathering and inputting your data.

By improving the process of collecting and uploading data into Unravel Carbon, our goal is to help you streamline everything from evaluating progress to ensuring that the collected data is both accurate and audit-ready.  

Ultimately, by being able to track the right metrics, you can unearth critical insights, which enable you to enhance your sustainability efforts through more data-driven and strategic initiatives.

Interested in learning more about our new data workflow solutions? Request a demo here.

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